P1050454Located in the heart of the the Northeast Kingdom…

Wilder Farm is a 200 year old family farm in Lyndonville, Vermont. For several generations, it was a dairy farm and a well-known breeder of Milking Shorthorn cattle.

Jess Simpson, Justin Krause, their children and extended family live and work on Jess’s family’s farm. We raise a diverse variety of fresh, tasty produce for CSA shares (Community Supported Agriculture) a farmer’s market and a farmstand.  Our veggies are grown using organic and sustainable practices that increase soil fertility using minimal inputs.


We also raises broiler chickens and laying hens on pasture and gmo-free grain.  There are a handful of friendly goats that add to the family’s healthy diet, as well as acres of hay to get them through the winter.

The next generation of farmers, Wilson and Ben (ages 14 and 11) help with weeding, chickens and market.  The newest member of our family, our English Shepherd, Gracie, guards the animals, does rodent control and makes sure we are all where we need to be.  Our cat, RayRay, is an excellent mouser and an all-around awesome guy.



We enjoy our commitment to growing delicious, healthy food for ourselves and our community, as well as offering educational opportunities for area students.  We look forward to another great year of growth, health and community!


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